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Japan-US Partnership Program

Fellows in 1984-2016

RIPS Security Studies Fellowship Program started in 1984 and produced 101 graduates by 2010, when the program was renamed as the Japan-U.S. Partnership Program. Under the new name 27 members completed their fellowships. Many of them have pursued active careers, introducing security studies programs in their respective universities, assuming important positions in national academic associations such as the Japan Association of International Politics and the Association of International Security Studies. Many of them also actively participate in international seminars and conferences abroad.


 Since 2006 the program is extended to government officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Defense. The mixture of academics and government officials help intellectually stimulate each other and enrich their views.


 The fellowship runs for two years. In addition to monthly seminars, the program takes the fellows to South Korea to visit places such as the DMZ area and to hold discussions with Korean counterparts. They also visit Washington to visit the State Department and the Pentagon and to exchange views with government officials and think tank scholars.

 For the last two years the program has been directed by Professor Jitsuo Tsuchiyama of Aoyama Gakuin University and Professor Matake Kamiya of National Defense Academy.